Quake 3 Sites:

Planet Quake - The epicenter of everything Quake... The best quake site available.
Quake 3 World - Massive site devoted to Quake 3. News, Files, Forums etc...
Stomped - Great site with lots of news as and when it happens.
ShugaShack - Covers most 3D games. Always there with the top gaming news.
Polycount - If you want custom skins, maps etc.. then this is THE place to find them.
Quake 3 Arena - The official Quake 3 website. Find the latest patch here.
Fooker - Some nice maps for you to download.
GLsetup - This site cuts the hassle of finding the right GL drivers for your graphics card.
The Dark Zone 2000 - Excellent site for games, primarily Quake 3.
Death Match Arena - DeStRoYeR's excellent and very amusing FPS site! Top work!

Voodoo Sites:

EFA11 - A full archive of 3dfx and nVIDEA graphics card drivers.
Voodoo Users - A plethora of Voodoo info available. Also includes fixes and files.
Voodoo 3 glamour - Another great troubleshooting site. Lovely intro too!
3dfxgamers - The official 3dfx website. Host to the latest drivers for your card.
3dXtreme - Wicked site with some great things to download. Hacked drivers available here.
VoodooLinks - Links to many voodoo troubleshooting sites.

General Gaming:

3dfiles - The first stop for the latest files for your games, hardware etc...
Gamesages - You shouldn't cheat, but if you do then find them all here.
Tweak3D - Amazing Tweak site that will make your system go faster!
Tweak PC - This site hosts the greatest tweak files available.
Gameplay - Buy, discuss, and play games at this excellent site.
Gamesdomain - For everything gaming.
PCgamer - UK version of the magazine that is now a website!

Hardware Sites:

Axcels speed tweaks - This is one awesome site!! Be astounded by its content!
DriversHQ - If you need a tricky to find driver, then find it here.
56k - The home of 56K - a complete guide to the world of the modem.
SMP World - New site created by a friend. If you use SMP, then this site is for you!


FreeISP's - A complete guide to the many free ISP's available.
LibertySurf - My new completely free ISP. Evenings and weekends cost me nothing!
Supanet - Very fast ISP with a great website.
FreeUK - Another fast ISP which is great for gaming!
Jolt! - A VERY fast gaming ISP - I have had my lowest ping with this ISP (under 300!) :P
Barrysworld - A great gaming ISP with a solid website to boot!


Dynamic Drive - Amazing collection of free java applets to add to your website!
Freeware Java - Yet more top quality applets free to download.
Astalavista.box - Need a program crack? Find it with this search facility.
JavaScript Source - Lots of free javascripts to use for your website!
Turntables.de - A great way to waste time. Real time DJ mixing and scratching!
Underground.sublist - For all your Warez needs :) A complete and thorough guide.
Ircgeeks - Check out this AMAZING piece of ascii art!!! You will not believe your eyes...
Cool-Page - My site was created with this awesome program - and its free!!
Star Wars - As a Star Wars fan, I have to mention this great site.
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