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Friday, August 18th 2000
Welcome to the new look Quake 3 Tweak Arena!

Hello and welcome....

If you have ever visited the previous Quake 3 Tweak Arena (which is still viewable
here), then you will already know what to expect from this site. If this is your first visit, then great to have you on board! Inside these pages, you will find information on how to get more from your Quake 3 experience. This includes techniques on how to massively improve framerate (which does not necessarily mean losing all the great quake 3 visuals); how to get more clearer, concise, and above all - superior image quality; faster hardware and software performance; optimum driver settings; great new mods and far too much more to list here!

So whats new to the Quake 3 Tweak Arena? Well, the design is now far superior (and much easier to navigate), and the information on offer has been completely revised, updated, and in some cases corrected so that this page can be as helpful as possible.

I also have a vastly improved
discussion forum for everyone to participate in. There is a range of topics on offer, so you shouldn't be stuck on something to say! Please sign up as soon as you can and get involved!

There are countless minor changes to the site, which even in its current form, will still continue to evolve to become even better! Updates will be regular, and more general Quake 3 news will be covered too.

Of course, because the new site is still in its youth, there may be missing links or other abnomalities that may need addressing. I would be eternaly grateful if you could
let me know of this so they can be corrected Immediately.

I thank you for visiting the Quake 3 Tweak Arena and I hope you enjoy your stay!!

Brisk - Webmaster
12:55pm GMT
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Beta 1.05.02B

[Thanks to
EFA11 for supplying this information]

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