Here is a range of top quality software to enhance your Q3 experience
This program refines and manages your systems v-cache and eliminates most of the jerking and skipping which may be present on your machine. There are many settings available, but I choose to use either the "standard" or "Power Users" option.(496 KB)
This tasty program enables you to overclock your 3DFX Voodoo 3 2000/3000/3500 up to 200Mhz! It also lets you set individual refresh rates for each of your desktop resolutions, disable V-sync, AND set video filters for glide and directX for greater image quality! (130kb)
This autoexec.cfg will allow you to view your demo's or replays in a variety of speed settings, rangeing from John Woo style slow-mo, to ultra high speed!! Just put this file into your base.q3 directory. ( 1KB )
Quake 3 is a very adjustable game, and can be tweaked so that the user can get massive FPS, incredible visuals, or of course a mixture of both. Click on the logo and choose the config to suit you! All are very effective.
This mod is useful for people who suffer colour banding with their graphics cards. It turns the sky completely black, similar in a way to low quality sky, except that the text is much easier to see. You must keep highquality sky on when using this!!!! ( 5KB )
This mod gives you the chance to mutate the effect as you like - To the left, you can see that I have created a "ghostbuster" like effect, but many different styles are possible.Use the railgun commands described in my command line section.( 9KB )
If you play Quake 3 a lot, but are tired of switching CD's all the time, then this crack is for you! Be aware that this is the 1.17 version, and this patch must be installed prior to use. Also, you must have the original CD or you are breaking the law! ( 399KB )
Here are the latest speed Dll's for use with Quake 3. You will of course need the 1.17 point release for these to work. Unzip into your baseq3 directory. I get a 5-10% speed improvement with these Dll's.( 334KB )

This is an excellent mod which lets you alter some of the more expensive effects in Quake 3. These include rocket, grenade, and shotgun smoke; explosion times; and damage feedback. I got a 6-7 FPS increase. ( 89KB )
This top program turns the admitably poor Quake3 server finder into a fully fledged Gamespy™ clone! It is around 10-20 times faster and much more efficient! ( 380KB )
Here are a few demos of me and other people in action. These demos are well worth a look, and are of the highest quality. Please send your best demos to me, and I will upload them onto this site for everyone to see!!
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